Monday, May 16, 2011

This is my bestie Nancy.  She lives a long way from me.  She's a Texan and that means that we live about 1000 miles apart:(  That makes for a lot of texting, ichatting, and phone calls.  We've know each other for about 3 years but it has just been in the last year or so that we have become very close.

She has been a huge support to me in the last year.  When I knew that we were headed to Ft. Worth for spring break, we decided to do a girls trip.  She drove up from Houston to Ft. Worth and picked me up and we stayed in downtown Ft. Worth.

The first evening we ate dinner at P. F. Chang's.  We enjoyed a nice long meal and compared IPad's at the table.

Then we walked around downtown Fort Worth.

The next day we went to a store called Sam Moon's.  For those of you that don't live in Texas, it is a store with bags, bags, and more bags along with jewelry.  I was doing some serious shopping at that store.

And yes, I bought the gray one, the brown, one and the black one:)  Also added a white one to the total and had to buy a suitcase to get them all home.

We then headed off to get a pedicure and when we got there, I decided to get a manicure too.

Then it was off to dinner at Saltgrass.  We split a filet and got some key lime pie to go.

After dinner we headed back to downtown Fort Worth to do a little more walking.

The Birthday Boy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today my boy is 17 years old!

Let me say that again.  SEVENTEEN!

Where did all the time go?

Every year I say that we blinked and he grew up but it really is true.

He is almost a senior....almost an adult....making me an almost empty nester.

We will not be discussing his graduation or his upcoming move to Texas.

No we will not:(

We are making our way through all of the seasons of Survivor.  We are almost finished with season 4 and I am loving every minute of it.

We go to the gym together.

We laugh a lot.

We talk about politics every single day.

He has been the easiest child and teenager to raise.  We have been so lucky and so blessed to be given a son who has not been a minutes trouble.  I have enjoyed being his mom and in the next year, he will be spreading his wings and leaving the nest.

I will be thinking a lot about that this year and preparing myself in the process.

But until then, I remember my one little word.....present.

Present in the moment and remembering that he was the best present I have ever received.

Happy Birthday Caden!  I love you with all of my heart.


aka Mom