Questions for my readers..all 10 of you:-)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I was reading another blog that I follow and she was talking about comments that we all receive on our blogs.

I have my blog set up where you see my email address in case y’all want to email me privately but I want to talk about the reply emails that I send out to everyone that comments.

When I receive an comment from y’all, I always reply in an email. I have done this since I started blogging. It has come to my attention that if it says your name and nore-ply comment (or something like that), you don’t receive the email. Does anyone know about this? If you are not receiving emails from me (after you comment), then I have been sending them to you and you are no receiving them.

I just think that it is nice manners to reply to all of you since you take the time to read and comment for me.

Would y’all let me know if you are receiving your emails? I would really appreciate. If you are not, just know that I have been answering every one of them even if you haven’t received one. I would like to change it if I can and then all my emails will go through but someone will have to tell me how.