Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yes, as most of you know, we are on vacation. If I was cool like Kasey, I would have had a giveaway and had y’all guess where we were going. But since I’m not cool and all, I will just show you a few pictures.

091 copyWe are in my favorite city. Okay, maybe we are not in the city right now but we were. It was just as beautiful as the last time we were there but this time we had Caden with us. I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back home.

117 copyWe are also visiting here.

083 copyYosemite is just as beautiful as we have always heard it was. There has been a lot of walking and it has been extra hard to do because of this.

117 copy (2)I broke my toe back in January. It took it about six months to heal and what did I go and do? Hit it again the day before we left! It is all swollen up again and now the third toe has joined in on the fun. It didn’t want to be left out so it went and turned purple and got big too.

I told y’all I was a walking accident:(

So we are off to hike some more tomorrow and then head up to Lake Tahoe. We are having fun and enjoying the beautiful state of California.

We have been without cell phone coverage or much internet access so I truly am on vacation. Don’t think though that I haven’t been wondering what all of you are up to. I will have plenty of reading to do when I get back home.

So until I ‘see’ you all again, have a great week and I will be stopping at every bakery between here and Lake Tahoe:)