Getting to Know You.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I can’t believe how quickly the weeks go by. Every time I turn around it is Sunday again and that means GTKY.

1. If you were to win an award today, what would it be for? Being a good wife & mother.

2. What is your shoe style? Flip Flops all the way!

3. Does your car reflect your personality? Yes, I think so. I drive a Toyota Highlander.

4. If you could take over someone's body for a day..whose would you choose? A food critic so I could eat at a lot of fancy restaurants.

5. Love or be loved? Both:)

6. If you were on death row, what last meal would you choose? Steak, baked potato all the way, and a large sweet tea. Chocolate Chip Cookies for dessert.

7. Have you been on vacation this Summer, if so where? We just got back for San Francisco, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe. I can’t wait to blog about it.

8. What is your favorite food related guilty pleasure? I love cookies. I also like drinks with sugar in them. Tea & coke are my favorite things to drink. I guess that is why I am 5 lbs. up right now:(

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Happy Sunday,