Come on in house

Sunday, August 28, 2011
I guess it's time to start showing y'all the house.  Come the end of October, we will be here a year and I haven't been a good hostess and showed y'all around:)  We'll start with the entry.

The door was stained but of course with me and all my door troubles, I had to have it painted.

Bit Bit is right there to welcome you.

I used the same table that I had up in Cincy but now it is our foyer table.

I added to my collection of little treasures and put some pretty white shells from the Turks & Caico in with the rocks from Lake Tahoe.

The painting came from HomeGoods in Myrtle Beach.  I can say that this is the only thing that I have found at that HomeGoods.  I really miss the one in Cincinnati.

I just added a couple of photos from our session with the great Erin Cobb.

The rug came from Sam's Club.

There is heavy moulding in this house and that is one of my favorite things about it.

So there you have it....the first of the new home tour.  I'll be honest, it's taken a while to feel at home here.  I just don't love this house BUT I am thankful for it.  It is just that I have lived in 3 houses in one year and out of the 3, this is my least favorite.  That's ok because this won't be the last house;-)