Blog Friends.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Since I discovered blogs about 4 years ago (I know, where have I been), I have met many wonderful people. Then I started blogging and some of those people started visiting me.

I have become very good friends with quite a few bloggers.

This past Saturday, I met Lisa from Pickles and Cheese. We have been email buddies for about a year now and since I moved to South Carolina, we decided to meet. She picked a place that was the halfway point for both of us and we met up in Pinehurst North Carolina. On a side note, I LOVE North Carolina. I always ask Gary if there is a job with the railroad there but he always says no. I would love to live there.

Anyhoo, we met up and went to the Village in Pine Hurst and enjoyed the arts and crafts festival that was going on there.

We had great weather and I really enjoyed meeting her. It was like we had always been friends. There was no ackward silence and the conversation just flowed. It wasn't forced and it didn't feel unnatural. I found out that she is as easy to get along with as I am. We both didn't care what we ate for lunch, which by the way, was delicious NC bbq. We just puttered along and looked at all kinds of crafts.

These are made out of dishes and ashtrays. I was snapping pictures from my waist so that I wouldn't upset the owner.

We then went to The Carolina Hotel. The hotel was beautiful and the grounds were so quiet and calming. You know that this southern hotel had rockers on the front porch to sit and relax.

I didn't buy a thing and Lisa bought a couple of small things but I was just really there to meet her and visit.

It was a great day. We plan to do it again soon.

And that is the main reason I blog. The friendships. They mean the world to me.

Happy Monday,