Moving Update.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I know you girls are tired of hearing about the move but I need to vent.

Hope you don't mind.

The day started off really well. The cleaner was there cleaning the house and I swept out the garage so that it would be clean for all of our boxes and extra furniture.

Here is the first, yes you read that right, the first moving semi.

They got the one semi down the culdesac without backing it in.

This was the beginning of the boxes. Not to bad so far.

They took the oven out that came with the house but they hadn't found the new one on the truck yet. This is just a peak at the tiled backsplash.

This is what the kitchen looked like after two, yes two boxes:(

Then it started raining. RAINING! I have lived down here for two months and we have had about 2 days, 3 at the most, of rain. It might rain an hour and then go back to sunshine. But we woke to rain this morning. I thought "what else can go wrong with this move?"

Then came the brand new refrigerator that we bought when we moved to Kentucky last year.

I will start off by saying that we were noticing that none of the furniture was wrapped in the quilts. It was all wrapped in thin paper. Not even packing paper. I asked the movers why and they said that since it had to go to storage, the original mover wanted his quilts back so they wrap it in paper. That would explain the two scratches on the dining room table, the scratch on my dresser, and my buffet table with a big gash on the foot. (the furniture didn't make it as easily this time around.)

So back to the refrigerator.

They got the refrigerator to the front door and they couldn't get it in. The handles stick out on the front and even taking the door down wasn't going to get it in.

When I went to the door to see what they were going to do, I saw this.

You can't see them all but there were 7 dents in the side. One side.

A couple of dents on the other side and a big long scuff mark.

Then a dent on the door. When they got it inside (after Gary figured out how to take the bottom freezer off) It had a big scratch on the FRONT door and another two dents on the door. THAT is when I had a meltdown. A full blown meltdown. Every move brings at least one and it was time. I just couldn't believe what my refrigerator looked like.

Now I have to file a claim. Wonder how long that will take? They are going to either buy me another refrigerator or fix the one that I have. All the men said that they would vouch for me that it was damaged.

Then, no one could find the bed hardware. Not for ONE.SINGLE.BED! The movers are suppose to set up the beds, put any tables together etc. NONE of that was done.

There was no finding the box for the hardware because this is our garage.

We could not get one more thing in it. We have stuff on the back porch, garbage cans in the yard, and bicycles too.

It is a mess. The craters didn't show up to uncrate the TVs, hook up the washer and dryer, or the refrigerator. So until I unpack some boxes, we won't be moving in because we can't put the beds up.

Oh, and the painter is painting around all the furniture that is in the middle of the rooms. He also dropped black paint on the hardwood floor. A LOT! I know that he was upset because he knew that I had been crying and he probably thought that I would have another meltdown but I didn't. He is wonderful and cleaned it right up.

The only upside to this day is that the painter started painting the black dining room. I can't wait to see it finished tomorrow.

So I really need all your prayers. I am crying at the drop of the hat and I don't know how I am going to unpack when the bedrooms are not quite set up. I am going to keep Caden home from school tomorrow so that he can move boxes for me and I am going to do the kitchen, closets, and clothing. I have to make some headway so that we can find the bed hardware.

Wish me luck.

I will see you all on Monday.

Happy weekend,


PS. To all that commented on Caden or the move, I appreciate them all and I will do my best to email you all back.