Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I had to take Caden to get a haircut & get a photo id so we went to his favorite sandwich shop Potbelly’s.

033 copyWe discovered this restaurant when we moved up here. I have never seen this sandwich shop before. Believe me, it is delicious.

017 copy It has nice warm decor along with a touch of old fashion-ness.

019 copyA potbelly stove.

021 copyThe decorative tin roof.

015 copyI got a roast beef on wheat (I asked for white bread but being a southerner, I chatted up the guy and he gave me the wrong bread:)

014 copyCaden got a smoked ham & cheese. Plain just like his daddy.

018 copyHe actually didn’t tell me to stop taking pictures. I guess he was just happy to be eating Potbelly;-)

022 copyHe then decided that he wanted a milkshake. Oh to be 16 yrs. old again:)

024 copyCan you tell that he loves ice cream?

028 copyHe always has to take the lid off to see what the ice cream looks like.

030 copy031 copyIf you are in Cincy, stop by and enjoy a nice fattening sandwich. It’s worth the calories:)