Erin Cobb.

Monday, July 11, 2011
I forgot to tell y'all that we are having our pictures taken today by the fabulous Erin Cobb.  I am beyond excited.  In all of our 20 years together, we have had our pictures taken at Olan Mills one time.  Last year when we lived in Cincinnati, Erin was in Columbus taking clients and I really wanted to go and have our family pictures taken.  BUT, we had not lived there long and I didn't want to ask Gary to take off work and then drive the two hours to Columbus.

Well, we just happened to move to SC and what do you know?  She posted on her blog that she was going to the Isle of Palms in SC to stay at the beach.  I knew right then that we were going to have a photo session with her no matter what we had to do.

I asked Gary about it and he said that if I wanted to do it we would.  I know that it is pricey but I am justifying it since we have never had professional pictures taken and because this will be the only chance since Caden will be graduating next May.  (sniff sniff)

She is going to take photos outside (she is a natural light photographer) at the beach house and then some at the beach.  I got our outfits together on Saturday and we are going to be casual since that is how we really our:)  I am beyond excited and can't wait to see the outcome.  She will give a sneak peek on her blog in a couple of weeks and I will let you know when she does.

So I leave you with a sneak peak of our vacation in The Turks & Caicos since I can't blog without a picture;-)

Happy Monday.