30 Day Photo Fun

Thursday, June 23, 2011
Let's play catch up on my little monthly project that I have going on.  This has been a fun thing to do and I haven't put any pressure on myself about it.  I have taken pictures with my phone and a couple with my camera so it hasn't been a big deal.

Day 13 A childhood memory.

Day 14 Someone You Love.

Day 15 Action.

Day 16 Mason or Jelly Jars.

Day 17 Bokeh.

Day 18 Eyes.

Day 19 Summertime.

Day 20  Water.

Day 21 Micro

Day 22 Landscape  (Had to cheat and use on of Yosemite that I took last year but I love it anyway.)

All of these with the exception of the bokeh, Yosemite, and flower were taken with my IPhone.  That is why this has been so much fun to do.  No worries if I don't have my camera with me:)

Is anyone else joining in on this party?