Sneak Peek Time.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I thought that I would give y'all a sneak peek of the new new house instead of the old new house:)

So off we go.

The is a view from the family room looking into the dining room. I love love love the front door. Everyone in the neighborhood has their door covered up with blinds or a curtain but this girl won't be covering hers up:) I love the light that comes in and I don't mind people being able to see in the house. I will be changing out the lights though and replacing them with the lights that I had in Kentucky.

We are having a cabinet (or hole) built above the fireplace for the 55 inch LED TV that Gary bought for the basement. The basement that we don't have anymore. LOL! I am praying that it looks okay because the builder and Gary decided what it would look like. We were going to have doors on it but that didn't work out because the TV is to big. It will also have molding around the cabinet too.

I am a little concerned about the width of the family room. I guess you could say that it is going to be a little cozy:) I am not going to have enough room for all of our furniture but we will make it work somehow.

Here is the coffered ceiling in the dining room. I.LOVE.IT! The molding is painted a creamy color that is really nice and the black paint is going to be fabulous! I am changing out that chandy too.

This is a look down the hallway. This leads to our bedroom and the bonus room above the garage. There is a closet at the end of the hallway that will hold linens and another closet on the righthand side. I am going to use that closet as a pantry. You girls know that one closet is not enough to hold our food:) On a side note, look at the heavy molding and the old look of the doors. Swooning.....

A view up the stairs to the bonus room. This room will be for both of us to use as our office space. We are going to share that room because Gary didn't want me to get rid of my office furniture. The room is a nice size and has a full bath and two closets. It would make a great room for Caden but that just wasn't practical.

A peek at the master bathroom. It is not large but it is nicely done. There will be clear shower doors and of course it will be repainted.

Built-ins in the closet.

This is a small look into the guest bathroom. The color is wonky but it gives you an idea. We are changing out the vanity because the floor is very busy (ie. ugly) and it was the easiest thing to change out. Everything looks very yellow but that is just my mad photography skills:) I am having the bathroom painted too so I think that in the end, it will be a good bathroom for Caden.

And lastly, a peek at the kitchen. I am having a tiled backsplash put in and I am having the kitchen painted. I love that I am getting more counter space but I don't like that the kitchen of closed off from the family room. Gary likes that because in our last two houses our kitchens have been opened to the family room and it is always loud. I am glad that I will be able to see the tv but not happy that I won't be able to see into the great room.

So that is the a tour of the new new house. It is smaller and there will be some adjustment but we made the right decision at this time in our lives. As soon as we have it painted and move our things in, it will be home.

We can't wait. It's been a long year and a half and Gary & I are very tired. It has been beyond a stressful time and we have decided that the last year has not been fun. Not a fun time or a happy time. We are feeling like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am hoping that by the first of the year, we are totally settled in and back to normal. We haven't felt normal since we lived in Florida.

See, I told you it had been a long year and a half. :)


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