Sister Wives.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We have to talk about Sister Wives . Have you guys seen this show?


I watched the first episode while I was in Kentucky last week and I couldn't believe it. I watch Big Love on HBO but that is fiction for goodness sakes. This show is not.

I will start with the husband, Kody. My oh my. Where to begin. He has three wives, 12 or 13 kids, and dates another girl. He drives a two door Lexus! Why does he get to have all the wives and drive the Lexus? I was so annoyed while I was watching the show. For one, I just don't get the 'sharing the husband' thing and two, why is it that the man gets to have the wives? Why isn't it the women that get to have more than one husband? Not that I would do either! But please!

The first wife only has one child with him and she has gone back to school. I don't know if she works or not. Then the second wife has about 5 kids with him and she gets up really early and works really late to support the family. The third wife is pregnant with her 6th kid and she takes care of all of the kids.

Then you have him dating a 4th woman and driving a two door Lexus! Iy Yi Yi! It just makes me so mad on so many different levels. I was telling Gary about the show and I asked him if a man would allow a woman to have more than one husband. You all know what he said.....NO WAY!

I know that they say that it is their religion and I am not even going to go there. They can say what they want to but it is just craziness. I haven't seen the second episode yet but I do know that the first wife has jealousy issues about the 4th wife that he is fixing to marry.

You think?

Are any of you girls watching this show? If so, thoughts?