Almost Here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The moving day is almost here. It has been a stressful 3 months. More stressful than any other move that we have had. It all started with the house and finding one that was headed (or in) foreclosure. I say that because we were told that it was headed there but at closing the attorney said that it was in foreclosure.

Either way, we closed last Friday. We didn't close on time but we closed. The painter has been over there since last week caulking, touching up the trim, and painting. The biggest headache has been the builder. He builds a good house but he procrastinates. THAT has been the biggest stress. He is suppose to be finished today and sending a person over to clean the house.

I really hope that he does because the moving semi will be showing up bright and early tomorrow morning. Come Friday, I will be knee deep in boxes and happy to be with my 'stuff!' It is a running joke with everyone because I love my stuff, meaning our furniture. I guess I have learned to not love a house but to love us being together as a family and our things.

Getting your heart broken over a house will do that to you. That and moving a lot;-)

So, I will be away for a few days getting the furniture moved in and will be unpacking boxes. I hope to take a few photos and post them on Friday morning. I have so much to show you girls and will have plenty to blog about.

I am leaving you with a picture of Lake Tahoe that I took while we were on vacation. It is not photoshopped. The water is truly that color.

Enjoy. (believe me, there are many more to come of that! :)