The Partially Finished Black Dining Room.

Sunday, March 13, 2011
I know that everyone has been wanting to see the black dining but it's not finished.  As I told you before, I haven't been working on the house much.  I am kinda living in it and seeing what needs to be done and what needs to be bought.

The one thing that this new town doesn't have is good shopping.  It's certainly not Cincinnati so I am just having to take it slow.  I have some ideas but they aren't coming together very quickly.  I decided to show you the dining room as is and then when I am finished with it, give you another tour.

This was the chandelier that was up when we moved in.  It was nice but I brought all of my lighting from my other house so I am going to give it to my realtor.  I replaced it with this one.

I also changed out the foyer light.

So here is the half reveal:)  More will come when I get it finished.

This is what it looked like last week.  I have now taken the rug away and moved it to the family room.  That rug has been busy because it has lived in the family room, then the dining room, and now it has found a home (again) in the family room.  THIS is exactly why I am not rushing the decorating thing.  Let's face it, this is not my favorite house that we have lived in and that is for multiple reasons.  But one of the reasons is that none of the rooms have come together right.  Our furniture doesn't fit right and it has been a challenge needless to say.

I am going to change the color of the mirror and I have a friend that is making me two pieces to put on the buffet.  The black is a gorgeous color but you do have to decorate with it differently.  I will also be moving that centerpiece off the table.  It was on the table in the other house but it doesn't go with the dining room now.

The rug matches the walls but doesn't match the feel that I am going for.  The table also is now on an angle and that looks really good but I don't have a picture of it to show you.

So now that you have seen it, really the only thing that is staying the same is the furniture;-)  I have angled the table, taken the rug out, and haven't hung up one thing yet.  I had the windows tinted in the room and I am going to have a cornice board made when I find some yummy fabric.  I didn't want to cover the windows up but I had to have something done because the sun sets on the front of our house and it will ruin the furniture.  I think that a wonderful fabric will really pop against the black.  I am not going to do a lot to the room.  I think that the black walls, the cornice board, and the coffered ceilings will speak for themselves.

There you have it, the UNFINISHED black dining room.  I knew that y'all were dying to see it and I wanted y'all to but you will have to see the unfinished version.  I promise that it will be finished one day and when it is, I will give you the grand tour.

I'm off to a rousing start....a post up on Monday;-)


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