I've become a driving instructor.

Monday, March 7, 2011
Last week I became Caden's driving instructor.  Not by choice, mind you, but by need.

MY need for Caden to start driving.  He has had his license since last October and he has only driven one time.  I told him to take his license to school because he was driving home!

Gary could not believe that I was going to let him drive that far (and in so much traffic) since he has never driven more than a mile;-)

But you know what?  I am tired of taking him to school every day and he needs to learn how to drive before his senior year.  You know it's bad when the mama is telling the child to drive and being the one to teach him.  When I had him almost 17 years ago, I told Gary that HE would be the one teaching him and not me.

Well, that didn't happen.

He was concentrating really hard here.

Hands tight on the steering wheel:)

And finally home safely parked right in the garage.

I'm going to make him drive home from school every day when we don't have somewhere to go other than home.  It will be a lot of experience for him.  I have to say that I was more proud of myself for staying calm than I was for his driving skills:)

And a big THANK YOU for all the condolences about Caden's math teacher.  She was 68 years old and just couldn't pull through.  The kids did fine and some went to the funeral.  Caden passed as he doesn't like to see the bodies but she was on his mind a lot last week.  He even got upset that some students got out of school to go to the funeral and they didn't even have her for a teacher.  It made him mad that they just wanted to get out of school:(  But thank you again for all of your comments.

Hope everyone has a great week this week.