Texas and a game of basketball.

Thursday, April 7, 2011
I should call this Texas Post 1 since I can't show you all the pictures in one post.  So, I will break it up into a couple of posts for y'all.  As I just typed this, I remembered that I haven't even showed you all the pictures from our vacation last year.  That is a must do post!

We decided to fly to Texas to visit my sister in law and her family.  We usually try to visit every summer but since we have moved so much in the last couple of years, we haven't been since 2009.  It was high time for a trip out there for some family fun.

Had to travel in my new Pleated Poppy scarf.  Loving my new purchase:)

Waiting on dad to park the car.

Usually I read on any flight that I take but this time Caden asked to play me in a game of scrabble on my IPad so that is what we did.  Gary always brings some type of history book to read:)

Flying into Ft. Worth and loving all the wide open spaces with touches of green!

So we flew out on a Thursday evening because my nephew was only going to be home until Sunday and we wanted to see him.  He is in college in Arkansas and his spring break was the week before Caden's so that is why we left a little early.

I have to say that when this group gets together, it is nothing but a big competition.  Courtney & Christopher (my niece and nephew) play college basketball and Gary & Chris seem to forget that they are 43 & 45 years old.  I think you know where this is headed.

This was the first thing they all did.

The grown men trying to whip up on the college kids:)

The boy who doesn't play basketball;-)

The whole time my sweet pea was playing, I was praying that he wouldn't have a heart attack!  (that's him shooting the ball)

A great father and son shot.

And lastly, the two old guys resting after dipping their heads in the pool to cool off!  They forget that they are middle aged now:)  I have to say that the old guys held up pretty well. They didn't lose by much;-) That was the only game that they got to play since Christopher had to return to school.

Up next I'll tell you about all the board games we played and my visit with my bestie Nancy that drove up from Houston to see me.