I wish!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I would love to buy this house. It just screams 'southern!' It would be a low country house in low country territory;-)
Doesn't it remind you of Paula Deen's house? Um, maybe not on her scale but it does look like something she would live in.

Can y'all tell that Gary has been looking at houses? I am getting hives just thinking about it. I love houses and love to decorate them BUT two in one year is a bit much for even me. He has been down there for two weeks now and has seen about 20 or so houses. He has lived with me for over 19 years, so he knows what I will like and don't like. He narrowed down his list and emailed it to me. I crossed off around four of those and added a few more.

I like expensive:-)

Who would have guessed that? LOL! We have a good realtor down there, so when I get to head south, we will go house hunting together. I am very decisive when it comes to houses. It won't be very hard to narrow them down. The problem is going to be finding one that doesn't require us to sell our son to be able to buy.

Which leads me to this house.

I wish Gary wouldn't have found it because I have fallen in love with it and I haven't even stepped foot in it. I love old houses but Gary doesn't. This would be the perfect combination for us. Looks old but is new. I don't understand why it has been sitting for 3 years empty. No one has bought it, so it hasn't been lived in. It is completely finished now and really there is nothing not to like. The back is as pretty as the front. When Caden got there on Saturday, Gary drove him by some of the houses that he had found and what was Caden't favorite? You guessed it, the most expensive one. I guess he is my son afterall;-)

I am overwhelmed by all of this but I am taking it a day at a time and and one appointment at a time. The railroad has a great moving package and yes, they do come and pack the house for me but that doesn't take care of all the doctors, car tags, insurance, etc. You get the picture. It is just a lot to deal with.

But to make myself feel better, I can always go back and tour this lovely house again and again. It sure beats what I have been doing....stuffing my face. Now I have 5 pounds to lose instead of 3:( ugh! Hello treadmill and goodbye sweet tea & coke!

I do hope that y'all take the tour yourself and enjoy it.

Have a good Monday,


ps. I am using Blogger to blog this morning so who knows what it is going to look like. Still trying to learn the other program that is compatible with Mac.

pss. How do I make the photo larger in Blogger? I can't figure that out.

ETA: I took down the link. Someone text me about crazies out there and posting the address.