Monday, August 30, 2010

We love scrabble. When we built our first home in Florida, Gary and I would play it at the kitchen island all the time.

I could never win.

Fast forward about 7 years and I find out that the reason that I could never win against him is that he was counting words over if he added to existing word. All the triple words, double letters….you get the picture. (he didn’t know that that was not the correct way to play…he wasn’t cheating;-)

Anyway, this week we got out the old scrabble game again.

This is how Caden and I felt the whole time.

004 copyBecause we live with this railroader whose whole entire job is planning things out.

010 copy Let me just say, he takes a long time. I can see his mind working in this photo. He plots and strategizes the whole time.

001 copyThis is what WE do the whole time!

009 copyMy other winning hand. NOT!

016 copy

017 copy

002 copy

005 copy

014 copyIn the end, the railroader came in first, Caden came in second, and since I had such winning hands, I came in last:(

It was still fun and it went faster than I thought it would.

I am just thankful that it wasn’t Chutes & Ladders:)