Our back entry.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I haven’t been doing much to the house of late. I kinda got burnt out (or is it burned out?) trying to get everything done pretty quickly.

I wanted to show y’all the back entry. It was really hard to photography because it is a tiny area. The back door leads outside and there is a half bath off to the side.

002 copyThis is the view from the laundry room. I have the same red fabric on the door as is in the dining room and on the chair in the office.

005 copyI have had this fabric for a long time but I do not tire of it. This has hung on 3 doors in 3 different houses. In the state of Georgia, Florida, & Kentucky.

003 copyI love my calendar but I couldn’t find anywhere to put it in the kitchen so I hung it at the back door. Not my first choice but it has grown on me.

001 copy This angel tin is from Southern Living At Home. I had a friend in Florida add some pretties to it. I had some stuff in it and she just added a little more.

006 copyOne last photo from the laundry room looking into the kitchen and back entry. Maybe showing you this little nook in our home will spark my creative juices.

You never know.


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