Finally Home.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yes, we have finally moved in. We spent our first night here last night. We had to be out of the apartment by tomorrow at noon so we took a couple of days and moved our stuff out.

We are just moving stuff from one pile to another;-)

This move has, by far, been the worst to date. We have moved a lot over the last 12 years and this one just blows all the other ones out of the water.

First, we had to move our furniture to storage. The guys at the storage facility here in SC didn't rewrap it and it got damaged. Many pieces are going to have to be repaired. Then it rained on moving day. That held the progress up. We really thought that it couldn't get worse but then it did.

The refrigerator got damaged as I talked about here. We are filing a claim and hope that they will replace it. After all of that, the movers couldn't find the hardware to put the beds together. They left and the next day Gary & Caden unloaded the ENTIRE garage to find the box marked 'parts box.' It was in the middle of the garage on the bottom of the stack. The movers should have seen the box and kept it out. After we found the box, they sent the guys out to put the beds up.

They didn't even do that right and Gary had to redo them.

So, as I am making a list of THE REPAIRS that the company is going to have to make, this is what I found.

See those two red stickers? That is what they mark the furniture with. There should only be ONE sticker on the bed but there are two. There are two because of this.

That's right. They took a chunk out of the bed (when they took it down in KY) and didn't tell me. They put two stickers over it so that it would stay together.

This bed is not even a year old. This is a chunk and not a scratch. It is big.

That is just one more thing that has to be fixed.

On Friday they sent a third party person to set up the washer and dryer and hook the refrigerator up. I was unpacking in the bedroom and the guy came back there and said that the refrigerator wouldn't fit. It.Would.Not.Fit in the space. Then he dropped the other bomb that just about sent me over the edge....the dryer wouldn't start! My brand new dryer! I just set down on the mattress (since the bed wasn't put together) and wanted to cry. I wanted to call Gary and tell him to come home from work but I didn't. I didn't cry either. A little while later Gary showed up because his boss sent him home to help with the house and he got to work. They are going to send someone to look at the dryer on Monday. I am very upset about the dryer. I have to have the dryer and I am hoping that they can fix it and that I don't have to have it replace. I am afraid that I am going to have to have the refrigerator replaced also.

The other thing that happened was the paint. I picked out the same color that we used in Kentucky. We hadn't had it that long and I wasn't tired of it, so we decided (or I decided) to go with it again.

Our painter has been painting for a couple of weeks now and he painted the kitchen the other night but when I came back over, I didn't think it looked right. Gary didn't either. We just thought that it was a different house, different cabinets, and different lighting. It looked like it had a berry tint to it. I couldn't quit thinking about it so I brought the color swatch over and guess what? Yep, it was WRONG!

Lowe's color matched it wrong. I went to Lowe's on Friday night and they redid it for me but I still didn't like it.

It just had a red undertone to it. It is the color on the right. I am so glad that our painter had not painter the great room or hallways because that was going to be the color. I thought the second from the right was a little light and the one on the left was very close to the color that I loved, so I went with the third from the right.

You can see the difference in the colors in this photo. I am so happy that I changed it. I used Prairie Dust which is what I painted Gary's office in Kentucky. We also paid the painter to repaint the kitchen. It is a nice creamy khaki color. He is trying to finish up and get out of here. He has worked nonstop for days. But tonight, he told me that he would be back Monday and finish up all the touch up and put a few more coats on the black dining room walls.

This is what our great room looks like right at this moment. I have washed all the dishes and the kitchen is set up except for all the stuff on the counters;-) The bathrooms are almost finished but I will have to wait until the painter leaves for me to really get to unpacking. Until then, we are living in a mess.

So, as you can see, it has been a disaster. I am completely wiped out. We both are but each day I am putting one foot in front of the other. I know that it will all come together. It just might take a little longer than it usually does.

I just want to thank everyone for your sweet comments and all the prayers that have gone up for us! We have needed every single one of them:) I really appreciate all of you.