I Fly.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The hubby is a daredevil. He will bungy jump, free fall, and now he did a simulation of jumping out of a plane.

Caden did it too.

Just for the record, I told Gary that he could sky dive (the real kind) but Caden could not:)

We found a place outside of San Francisco and off we went.

Here they are getting ready to go in the tunnel. They are both very excited.

In the tunnel waiting for their turn. I think Caden might be getting a little nervous at this point.

Here's Caden fixing to 'jump' in.

He's very happy at this point.

He's going on his own at this point.

This is right before the instructor takes him up really high in the tunnel. They add much more air in the tunnel at over a hundred miles an hour and it takes them up and drops them.

There he is going up in the tunnel.

Here is Gary's turn. He had just 'jumped' in.

Gary didn't get to go as high up as Caden did but they both loved it and said that they would do it again. Of course Gary would jump out of a real plane if he could find one.

Maybe that would be a really good birthday present for him:)

Have a great Monday.