In a funk.

Monday, November 8, 2010

That's how I feel. I am in a funk. I guess the last year has just hit me. For the last week, I have felt like doing nothing but sitting in the recliner. There is stuff everywhere and I just don't seem to care.

I don't do good with messes.

I usually am all gun hoe to get everything put up and in its place but for some reason, this time, I am not. I guess it could be that I have just unpack and decorated a house not even a year ago. I think that that is the main reason.

Gary is on vacation this week so he will keep me busy and on task. The first thing we had to decide was where to put the furniture in the family room. The room is long and wide instead of square.

We are thinking that the couch should go on the long wall. I normally wouldn't put a couch on a wall but I think that this is the only place for it. It will require buying a love seat and I don't want to do that but Gary says that it will look the best.

Here is a shot that shows the pretty molding. Oh how I love the molding in this house.

Here are the two rugs that we were trying to decide upon. The red rug is not that big but it was in the family room in KY. and I bought the green one for our master bedroom but never lived there long enough to finish decorating it.

Here is a view of both of them down and we went with the green one. It has more color and is bigger so it just looks better.

A glimpse at the box that was built for the tv. I will show you a better picture when I get the room finished.

Furniture and junk just sitting in the middle of the room:(

Caden doing what he does best.

I kid, I kid.

Okay, so maybe I'm not kidding:) You can see that I put the buffet on the smaller wall and you can see more stuff sitting everywhere.

Here is a shot of my office right now! I know a lot of you thought that I had already finished the office here but that was a post done just to enter a contest. LOL! I am not THAT good at unpacking. This is what it looks like after Gary brings in box after box and wants them unpacked. I just sit stuff everywhere. (he is trying to get all the boxes out of the garage)

So as you can see, the house is a disaster just as the move has been. I think that is another reason for the funk. All I can see is the mess, all the stuff that has to be sold or given away, the claims that have to be filed, and all of that on TOP of Christmas coming. I can't even go there.

But on Friday night, after Gary got off from work, he brought me this.

And these.

So I had a snack before I went to bed.

That boy is a keeper, I tell ya:)

I don't have a picture of the dining room yet. The painter is coming back today to repaint it and finish up. I pray that he gets done today. We also have the people coming to look at the dryer. I really hope that it gets fixed today as well. I had to get the company to pay for laundry service last Thursday but now it is all piled up again.

We are really busy and trying to get everything done so it will be a busy week for us. Wish us luck.