Been a busy week.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's been a busy week for me. Not much blogging going on and hardly no time for visits to all of you.

I have been working on this.

And this.

And sadly the chairs didn't make it to the family room:(

Then I went to this.

And this.

Y'all know how much I love to organize and I took a day to do just that. We have a pantry that is small so we asked the builder to add two shelves to the hall closet. (you can see one in the picture) I decided that I needed that closet for hanging up my laundry when it is finished drying and also for my swiffer etc.

So I reworked the closets and it is more functional for me. I will post pictures of the finished product when I can remember to take pictures.

I then went to work on this.

This is the bonus room that Gary and I will share as an office/craft space. I can't wait to finish this room and show you the closets (there are two) and a full bath that is built on a step up. It is going to be really nice.

The room looked much worse than this. This is before EVERYTHING was unpacked and put up there. I took a picture with my cellphone and sent it to a friend and she called and said "that is a lot of stuff!" It was completely overwhelming.

Anyway, I have made great strides this week. I found some fabric to recover the ottoman that is in our family room, found someone to make a roman shade for my dining room, and got the bonus room where we can walk in it without me breaking a leg:)

But now I have to do this.

Caden went with me to pick out a new Christmas tree. We decided on a tall skinny one and I am hoping that I like it. He has also promised that he would help me decorate it, so when I show you a picture of it, you'd better remember that! HA!

So as you can see, progress is being made and I have lots to show you but I have to remember to take photos of everything. I start something and forget about pictures and then I finish and don't remember them then either.

But honestly, I have been so busy that I haven't had time to blog so it wouldn't have mattered.

Hope everyone has had a good week and that you'll have a better weekend. We will be decorating the tree, cooking some football food, and watching the ACC game Saturday night.

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.