Tuesday, January 11, 2011
How cool is it to type that date? The problem is, there is nothing happening on this date except another snow day. Yesterday we woke up to a winter wonderland. I believe that the snow just followed us down here.
My neighbor called me and said that they haven't had this much snow in 5 years:) When we moved to Cincy last winter, every one told me that that was the worst winter that they'd had in 15 years. Not sure what that says about me;-)
It even made it onto the back porch.
It was starting to pile up around 11:00 am.
My view from my kitchen sick.
Now today, it is nothing but a big sheet of ice. Have you ever seen a dog go outside to use the bathroom and try getting around on ice? It makes for a good laugh early in the morning.
People are without power and every one has been told to stay off the roads. I wouldn't try driving in this for nothing. I was really worried about Gary driving home last night from work. He said that the roads were as bad as he had ever driven on. Up in Cincy, they are prepared for snow but in SC, not so much.
I worried this morning when I got up that he had to drive back to work in it. This type of weather is the pits for the railroad. I don't expect to see him before 7 or 8 tonight. I feel bad for him:(
Hope everyone that is dealing with this winter storm stays home, stays warm, and enjoys their snow day.
Happy icy Tuesday.