Happy New Year on 1/1/11

Saturday, January 1, 2011
Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a good night last night.

We watched Florida State beat South Carolina. It sure will make living here a little easier until next year:) Today we will be watching football again. This is always a fun weekend for us because of the bowl games that are on TV all day long.

I will also be starting my new eating plan! Plenty of water, no snacking, smaller portions, and walking. I plan on losing the 8 pounds that found me over the last year.

I have some goals this year and that is not something that I normally do. I am going to do Project Life which is taking a photo a day and journaling about it. I haven't ordered the book yet but I will start taking my photos today and have them ready for when the book arrives.

I also want to read every single day. That means something other than the computer;-)

There are things that I want to do to the house too. I am doing some of that now during my self imposed break. While I've been away (some), I enjoyed a visit to Florida and spent some time with these ladies.

My sweet aunts and my mom.

I bought some rugs for the kitchen but am still undecided about them. Thoughts?

I started spray painting this ottoman that I bought at Pier One last year but I ran out of paint.

I started reading this.

I have also worked on this room. Yes, the black dining room:)

So as you see, I have been enjoying not blogging so much. The few times that I did, it was just a quick post and one that didn't require remembering to take photos etc. I am still not ready to come back. I don't know when I will be. I have to find a balance between blogging and living my life. I am thinking about only reading my blog list in the mornings while I am drinking my coffee and then blogging at night while I watch TV or maybe getting some post ready on the weekends.

I have to do other things. Walk on the treadmill, relearn my photography class, cook some delicious low cal meals......just step away from the computer some.

On a final note, my One Little Word this year is Present.

1. being, existing, occurring at this time or now
2. at hand, immediate
3. being actually here

That is what I am going to be working on this year. We have been living far to long in the future. Always waiting for that phone call from the railroad to tell us to move. That has been our life for the last year and a half.

I want to live each day IN that day. I am profoundly aware that our day to day time with Caden is quickly coming to an end. I want to take that all in. Time goes by so quickly and I feel like we lost the last year and half with all of our moves. I think having this word as my One Little Word will remind me to live IN the moment.

So, I will be back. I have a lot to show you and I miss you all when I am away. But it will just be on a limited basis for a while. I will find that balance that I need.

Ha! Maybe that should have been my word!