The New Pantry.

Sunday, January 9, 2011
For most of you that have been following me, you already know that I am all about a pantry. I have talked about my other pantries here and now after 3 houses in one year, I have another one to show y'all.
This house has a standard sized pantry which is of course in the kitchen. It also has a coat closet and a linen closet in the hallway. I had to rework those closets to hold kitchen items.
This is the pantry that is in the kitchen. It has REAL wooden shelves and I could not love them more.
A shelf for canned goods.
A shelf for our boxed goods.
A shelf for all things coffee. Yes, I have a shelf for coffee items and a draw;-)
A shelf for my dry goods, cereals and sugar. I love my clear containers.
I have a double cabinet that holds all of my spices.
My baking shelf. (which isn't being used right now due to a diet)
In Florida and Cincinnati, I had a lazy susan. I loved my lazy susan. I miss my lazy susan. I decided to use those round turn thingies from Walmart to put my most used spices on.
This is the closet that is at the end of the hallway. If you turn right, you go to the master bedroom. If you turn left, you head up the stairs to the bonus room.
This houses more dry goods, extra things, and all my small appliances. It has a light in it which is really nice and more wooden shelves. I didn't need to use this for linens as we have built ins in our closet and the other two bathrooms have linen closets in them too. This was the best use of the space for us.
A while back I showed you the hall closet and what I was doing to it.
We asked the builder to put two shelves in this closet because we thought that we would use this as the overflow pantry. As soon as we moved in, I knew that it just wasn't going to work. I needed a place to hang the laundry up and also a place to put the dog food and the vacuum cleaner. I just have to paint the boards that held the shelves.
So that is the tour of my pantries. I have to have more than one to hold all the goodies I bought today at Harris Teeters;-)
My total bill rang up $83 and I walked out paying just $35. I think that was pretty good since it was my first time using coupons in a long long time:)
Hope y'all have a good week. We are hunkered down for the bad weather that is coming our way. They have already called off school for tomorrow. I feel a day of blog reading and coffee drinking coming my way.