Project 365.

Friday, January 7, 2011
I have decided to participate in Project Life. Project Life is the brain child of Becky Higgins. It's a scrapbooking project where you take a photo a day for 365 days. Back when she designed the first kit, it was called Project 365 but now she has renamed it Project Life. You can do it however you want to. You can take a photo a day, a photo a week, or whatever you like.
I started Project 365 back in 2009. I completed it up until August but then we got busy moving to Cincinnati and I quit taking a photo a day. I decided that this year, I would do it again. I had to order a new book because I didn't have enough stuff to get me through the year with the old book. The book hasn't arrived yet but I have started taking my pictures. I thought that I would share a few.
January 1st: Doing nothing but watching football and reading magazines.
January 2nd: Nothing like Caden waiting until 2 days before school starting back that he tells me that he needs this book for English.
January 3rd: Our Pier One is going out of business so I went and bought these cute measuring cups that I had been eyeing for some time.
January 4th: Report card day that won't be posted due to private info on it.
January 5th: My first kit from Studio Calico came in the mail.
January 6th: My cute little Anthropology kitchen timer that Gary bought me. It matches my Kitchenaid mixer.
So there is my almost first week of photos. Just the mundane of every day life but I like the mundane. Hope everyone has had a great week. I have been doing the normal stuff and also counting my calories. Ugh, it has been hard but I have stuck with it. Wish me luck.
Happy Friday!