Good Monday Morning.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello all my blogging friends. I have missed all of you so much. I have missed blogging, reading blogs, having internet service, having a 'normal' life.

But, right now our lives are not normal. We are moving again. Nine months after a really big move from the south to the north (and those of you up north, don't tell me that Cincinnati is not north;-) we are doing it all again.

I have a love/hate relationship with moving. It is stressful. It is hard. It is overwhelming.

I should be good at it by now but with each move brings a different set of issues. This move will make it the 8th move since 2000. That includes the moves to apartments and in with the in laws. Our move from Florida to Georgia was exciting. We had never lived anywhere else but Florida and we felt like it was an adventure. Turns out that Georgia is where we really felt at home. Caden made some great friends as did I and we were really happy there. The return to Florida was harder. We had to deal with Caden leaving all of his friends, leaving a school that he love, and us leaving a place that we loved. It was a rough few years but then we moved into our home in Florida. We knew for a couple of years that we would be transferred again, so we were prepared. What we weren't prepared for was the housing market. We lost a lot of money on a home that held my heart. It was tough. We left a home that we loved to go to a big house in the north.

We were not prepared. We thought we were but it turns out that it was a lot different up there than we were use to. Our new home was big, two stories with a finished basement, and it took about six months for it to feel like our home. I mourned our home in Florida. The boys didn't but I did. It also didn't help that two months after we moved there, we started hearing that Gary might get a promotion. It is hard to get settled when you know that you might move again so soon.

This move has had its own set of issues. Gary was called for the job on Friday, he worked the weekend, and left on Tuesday. We had to find Caden a school and fast. We got him enrolled in a private school because we didn't have time to research the area and they worked with us to get him set up. I had to get Caden down to SC within a week so that he could be there for the start of school. I stayed behind to get the house listed and meet with all the relocation people. This move has been stressful because well, it's another move. :-) We found a house within a few weeks of looking and bought it. Now we are waiting on our home in northern Kentucky to sell. I will be going back and forth from SC to OH until we sell our house or until the 90 days are up. That is when the relocation company takes the house over. We pray that it sells and I expect that it will. I just need it to sell NOW!

It's a busy time and that has kept me away from the computer. That, and no internet service. I have not had time or the energy to go to Starbucks and link up there. Blogging and reading blogs has taken a backseat to everything else. I do hope that I am back for good. I still won't have time to blog like I want to but when I do get back to my normal life, I have a lot to talk about.

There is our vacation that we took this past July, our old home, and our new home. I have a new town to discover and friends to make. I have 5 lbs. to lose and tv shows to talk about. My mind has a lot going on inside it and I want to get it all down.

I hope every one has been doing well and cooling off some. It has been a nice long hot summer and I don't want it to end but I feel fall in the air.

Right now I am enjoying my coffee before I take Caden to school, so I leave you with a picture. You know that no blog post for me is complete without a picture.

So here's to being back and raring to go!

Happy Monday!