Maybe we don't have a house!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whomever said that moving was an adventure, they would be correct!

Yesterday I got the mail and I sat down to go through it and our appraisal on the house in SC came in.

Good news for us, bad news for the seller. It appraised at $14,000.00 less than we agreed upon. This comes one week before closing, one week for the builder to finish the house up, and one week before I fly to Cincy to meet the movers! Meet the movers to move our furniture to.....wait, I might not have a house. I don't know where the movers will be taking the furniture.

This could not happen at a worse time. Gary has had to work the night shift since Saturday and to top that off, he only slept 4 hours yesterday when he had to get up to get on a conference call. Then it was off to the realtor's office.

We now wait to see if the builder can come down to the appraisal price. If he can't, we are back to square one. Not somewhere that we want to be.

All in all, I am taking it surprisingly well. I am like "whatever." There is another house somewhere. Gary is not happy at all. He is ready to be in a house. I am usually the one that is saying that but this time the roles are reversed.

So I will let you know when and if we have a house to move to:)