San Francisco!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

As most of you know, I love San Francisco. Gary surprised me when we celebrated our 5th anniversary with a trip to Monterey California. We changed our plans so that we could spend a full day in San Francisco and that is when I totally left my heart in that city.

We then returned in 2005 because we had had to live apart for a year while we tried to sell our home in Georgia and while Gary was going through school for the railroad. Since Caden was home schooled that year, my sweet sister in law kept him while we went for 12 days. It was my dream vacation. We drove the California Coast with stops along the way. We stayed in San Francisco for 3 days and it was lovely.

So when we decided to go to Yosemite & Lake Tahoe this year, Gary suggested that we fly into SF and show Caden the city that I love.

On our first morning there we headed out to Dottie's True Blue.

I had read a lot of great reviews about this place and it has been around forever. They say that if you don't get to the door when they open, you will be waiting outside in a line. And they were right. We were okay because we got there a few minutes after they opened and we didn't have to wait.

The menu was wonderful and they had specials of the day. I wish that I would have tried something other than the typical breakfast but it was delish.

Caden ordered hot chocolate and it was the real deal. It was yummy and pretty to look at:)

And guess who served it to us?

That's right, Obama! Just kidding but he really did look like him. If you knew me, you would know that this cracked me up;-)

I was amazed by what little space the cook had to work in. He was the only one cooking and he had some prep guys but other than that, it was all him. I would say that he was THE man.

This was Caden's breakfast. It was huge and we could have split it because we left a lot of food on the table.

Overall, it was a great place. Wonderful food and if you go, you can definitely split a plate. I regret not trying one of the daily specials but what we all got was really good.

Be sure to try it out if you ever go to San Francisco. It was a good start to the day because we were off to ride Segways.

Yep, Segways. That will be for the next vacation update.

I will say that they were a lot of fun.

Until next time, have a great weekend.