Old New House.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I thought I would give you a tour of the home that we have lived in for the last 9 months. I never got around to showing y'all the whole house and since the realtor sent over a photographer to take pictures for the website, I have some good pictures to show you. They are taken with a wide angled lens so they look a little different but I wanted y'all to see them.

I didn't live there long enough to finish decorating my office, the master bedroom, or the basement but you can see what the spaces looks like.

This is all we did to the outside since we thought that we might move again. We didn't want to spend any more money than we had to.

We added hardware to the garage doors and planted a few things at the walkway.

This is the dining room that y'all have already seen but I did change out the chandy because I loved it and wanted to take it with me;-) I am tired of leaving everything that I love in all of these houses and losing money at the same time.

This is a view of the dining room along with Gary's office. Most people would use it as a living room and that is what it was intended for.

This is a view of the family room while standing in the kitchen. I think that the room all came together in the end. It was a challenge to decorate since it has a two story ceiling and the double mantle. Had we have stayed there, I was going to paint the mantle black. Y'all know I love me some black:)

I will definitely miss my staircase. I love the wrought iron with the dark banister.

This view is from the bottom of the staircase looking back into the kitchen. See the 'not so eat in' kitchen area? I love my sitting area. I am going to do that in the new house too.

This view is one that I really love. It shows the staircase and the entryway. I will miss my hardwood floors too. I love the dark wood with the black areas in it. It really looks good with all the black furniture that I have.

And here is the whole room. Of course I will be using the same furniture and decor since a lot of it is new. Gary just bought a new recliner and he got a BIG one. It is going to be a challenge in the new house because the room is not as big and it is not a square room. I do believe it might be a headache for me.

And now for the kitchen.....I won't talk about each picture since I have already blogged about it but I will show all of them to you.

I never did spray paint the bench or do anything about the red cushion and I am glad now. I might use it in the family room at the new house.

And here is the laundry room that you have already seen.

Now we will head upstairs.

My play room:)

Caden's room.

The much talked about guest room. Iy yi yi, the painting that went on in that room.

Caden's bathroom.

And now for the master bedroom. I bought the rug at HomeGoods and that was going to be my starting point. I thought that it would anchor the room and it was a nice olive color. I was going to get a new comforter and buy something to go above the bed but I never had time. The bench at the foot of the bed was bought at Frontgate for $150.00! It was a deal. Half off! I was going to get it recovered but again, I never got that far. I will have it recovered for the new house.

The is the other side of the room. The chair is brand new but I didn't like the fabric once I got it in the house, so I just moved it upstairs. I bought the little table at Kirkland's (Melissa shout out:) and just decorated it so it wouldn't be bare. I needed something on that wall so it would show well.

The half finished bath.

Notice that there is nothing around the tub. The realtor wanted it to look neutral. Of course I like 'stuff' but realtors don't;-)

Now we will head to the basement. I forwarn you that there is not one thing hung on the walls. Our old furniture is down there and our exercise equipment. I will say that I am really going to miss the unfinished part of the basement because of the storage. It was really nice to just walk downstairs and get anything I needed instead of going up in a hot attic.

The boys will miss it because it was to be the man cave!

So that concludes our tour. I am going to really miss all the room that this house had but I will not miss the $5000.00 property taxes or the cold weather!

I look forward to decorating the new house and showing it to you soon. It has been a rough year with these two moves but God has truly blessed us and we can't complain.

Thank you to all of my sweet readers for stopping by. I have really enjoyed blogging and have enjoyed all the new friends that I have made through it. Hope everyone has a great week.


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