Not feeling very confident....

Friday, September 17, 2010

This has been a looonnnggg week! We sold the house last Sunday (yeah!) and it has been nonstop paperwork. We have the relocation company actually buying our house from us to sell to the new owners, so we had to get a ton of papers signed and notarized. Then we have the house that we are buying here. We had to get a lot of stuff done with that house too and I also had to pick out paint.

Not feeling so great about having to do it all in a day. I mostly went with the same colors that were in the dining room, great room, and Caden's room at the house in Kentucky. I changed up the guest room and the master bedroom. I was going to go black in the dining room. Yes I was!

I was really thinking about it.

I have always wanted a black dining room. I saw one in a house in Georgia about 9 years ago and I knew that I would have one someday. It just won't be this day;-) I was under the gun to get all the colors picked out and I only had 4 black swatches, so I decided that I wouldn't do it this time.

That is a color that you have to get right and not be rushed while picking it out. We have heavy molding in the new house and there wouldn't have been a lot of area painted black, so it would have looked great. Not having my furniture to match up to was also a problem.

So no black this time. But you never know when I will get a wild hair up my bum and paint it.

But for now, it will be green.

I will leave you with a sneak peek of the new house. I hope to get some photos next week while they are over there finishing things up.

Things are moving along. It won't be long now.

Have a great weekend and see y'all next week.